As pure as snow
As precious as spring water
For true lovers of genuine Japanese sake

Mt. Yahiko, a famous mountain of the Echigo region, with sweeping views of the Sea of Japan and the Niigata Plain.
For generations, in a place called Izumi at the base of this mountain, we have used the underground water of Mt. Yahiko to make sake that is as clear as the spring waters from which the area takes its name.

Sake is just the supporting cast.

This has always been our belief. In Japan, with its abundance of delicate foods, sake should not assert itself strongly; instead, its true role is to fine-tune the palate’s sensitivity to the delicious flavors of the food.

We want to make genuine sake.

As the brewers of holy sake for Yahiko Shrine (Oyahiko-sama), we live and celebrate together with the people of the region.

Our sake has the same silky mouthfeel of the spring waters of Mt. Yahiko, and the same smoothness on the throat as the powder snow of snow country, Niigata.