Koshino Hakusetsu

Smooth, silky and drinkable, with a mellow and gentle flavor

Junmai Daiginjo
Sophisticated and highly polished, with a well-rounded flavor. A sublime sake made with tender loving care.
A clean aroma fills the mouth and slides beautifully down the throat. A charming premium sake.
Junmai Ginjo
A deep, calm flavor with rice’s inherent rich taste and aroma.
Distinctive for its delicate yet dignified presence and hints of soft aromas.
Futsushu (Table Sake)
So light you will keep coming back for more, and a distinctively bright sharpness. Our basic sake.
Futsushu (Table Sake) – Kiwami – Muroka – Bin-Hiire
Our always popular Futsushu (table sake), made with extra special care, fermented at low temperature for an extended time, unfiltered, and heated in the bottle. The pinnacle of Futsushu.
A low-alcohol sake with a fresh, invigorating appeal.

* This unpasteurized sake should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed soon after opening.
Hiya Oroshi Ginjo (seasonal)
Hiya Oroshi Junmai Ginjo (seasonal)
Shiboritate Muroka
Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu (seasonal)
Kassei Nigori
Honnama Genshu (seasonal)