Izumi-ryu Sake Brewery, Yahiko Shuzo

Izumi-ryu Sake Brewing Method, named after the izumi, or spring waters that have been safeguarded at the base of Mt. Yahiko, the famous mountain of Echigo

Mt. Yahiko, the famous mountain of the Echigo region, with sweeping views of the Sea of Japan and the Niigata Plain.
Yahiko Shuzo is located in Izumi at the base of this mountain, which has truly been granted the blessings of nature and the gods. Those blessings include Yahiko Shrine, the premier shrine (ichinomiya) of old Echigo Province.

Yahiko Shuzo was founded in 1838.
In 1848, the founder established his own unique sake brewing method known as Izumi-ryu. At the time, this method was groundbreaking, resulting in sake that was “light in taste, pale in color, and of long-lasting quality.”

From that time, many sake brewers knocked on Yahiko Shuzo’s doors, hoping to learn this revolutionary brewing method.
For many years, Yahiko Shuzo cultivated many skilled brewers, with the number of apprentices numbering in the hundreds. Many of these skilled workers who had trained in the Izumi-ryu method went on to establish their own breweries as master brewers in various parts of the country.

As the supplier of holy sake to the premier shrine of Echigo, Yahiko Shuzo continues to adhere to our unique brewing style. No matter how the environment surrounding Japanese sake may change, we are not swayed by trends, and steadfastly safeguard the Izumi-ryu style with loving care.

Yahiko Shuzo

Trading Name Yahiko Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Founded 1838
Address 1830-1 Kamiizumi, Yahiko Village, Nishikanbara-gun, Niigata Prefecture, 959-0321
Contact Tel: +81-256-94-3100 Fax: +81-256-94-4990
Number of employees 8 (All 1st Class Sake Brewing Technicians)
Business Description Manufacture of Japanese sake brands, Izumi-ryu Koshino Hakusetsu and Ryusen Kohki Manufacture of ice cream brand, Yahiko Gelato